Why choose LayAlt?


LayAlt's unique WebGL streaming architecture allows for a lightweight experience in any browser and on any phone.

Fully customizable

Choose from a selection of ready-to-go presets or lay out the venue down to the last spoon.

2D, 3D, VR

View a top-down floor plan, examine the room in 3D or take a walk around the photorealistic venue you just arranged.

Traditional event space planning is a cumbersome process that frequently leads to misunderstandings and mistakes.

As a result:
• Venues lose time, efforts and — sometimes — reputation;
• Customers often don’t have their vision and expectations met;

LayAlt – the next-gen alternative to event space planning

LayAlt is:

• Photorealistic;
• Accurate representation of scale & proportions;
• Three view options: floor plan (2D), isometric (3D), first-person (VR);
• Default presets with commonly used layouts;
Fully customizable;
• Upon completion of the desired arrangement, an inquiry request can be sent with the click of a button;

Our unique WebGL streaming architecture allows for seamless interaction and flawless visualization of otherwise heavy photorealistic 3D models.

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