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The Future of Event Space Planning

So what exactly is LayAlt’s
Venue Planning Solution?

Here’s a quick look into the process.

1:1 representation

Showcase your venue, furniture and equipment with their actual scale and proportions.


Save your most popular and frequently used layouts as templates for all future clients to see.


Each item can be rearranged, removed and replaced with ease.


Present your venue and furniture in their full shine and glory with realistic lightning and high-res textures.

2D or 3D or VR

Complete each step of the design process in either one of three modes.


Request an invoice with the click of a button as soon as you’ve created your ideal layout.

LayAlt’s unique WebGL streaming architecture allows for seamless interaction and flawless visualization of otherwise heavy photorealistic 3D models.

LayAlt’s potential lays way beyond the event industry alone. Our super-light visualization capabilities enable sales and save time in multiple other fields: heavy industry/manufacturing, tourism, art, marketing, and more.

Tell us what you do.

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